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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

First let me just say thank you to my family for the very nice, mellow, relaxed Fathers Day today.
I actually dislike fathers day. I was going to say 'hate" fathers day, but that is a rather strong way to put it.
I don't know when or why I dis like fathers day. Maybe it has something to do with my biological "father" being such an absent entity in my life. Then when I am in my twenties, and I contact him, he wants it to be like"water under the bridge." (His exact words)
Or maybe it is the commercialization of fathers day, mothers day, valentines day, Christmas etc.
Our society makes you feel like you have to get something for your dad. Like new golf clubs, power tools or some such. Or maybe do something in recognition for them, and while I think all this is good, providing it is something that you want to do, I do not think it should be like making people feel obligated to do these things. If you do not already have the love you should for all that your "rents" do and did for you, then Fathers day is a joke. If you aren't taking out the garbage, washing their car now and then, mowing the lawn, washing the dishes after meals, meals that they provided for you... if you don't do these things naturally for them... puhlease... skip the obligatory fathers day!
Today I worked. But I got to sleep in and when I got up... I replaced a kitchen light fixture as we are remodeling our kitchen, and today I took about 45 minutes to do that, then I fired up the Big Green Egg and BBQ'd a Flank Steak to perfection. No gifts, a nice hand made, heartfelt card from our daughter and later a phone call from our son Eric who is in Oregon with some friends. Ryan and I smoked a cigar on our deck and just simply ... were together!
What could be better!
Happy Fathers Day!


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