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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leave Em Wanting More

I have heard this many times, leave em wanting more. As far as performing magic is concerned.
As a magician I find it difficult to not want to perform, and perform, and perform...
Last Sunday I performed for an hour at The Maple Valley Days. I was thinking of shortening my act. During the performance sometimes I feel a "lag" of some sort. But I posted about this on Facebook and a person that was at the show had this to say.
"As an audience member..don't shorten it!!! We were bummed when you said you were done. GREAT JOB Tim, so very entertaining and loved sitting next to your wife being as bewildered as me. So glad we got to see you perform."
Tonight I performed fro an automotive group of about 35-40 people. It was an outdoor event, great BBQ and a fun evening. The gentleman who hired me asked for 2-25 minutes. He has seen my show several times, hired me in the past. So I performed for about 30 minutes. Afterward he told me it was a great, fun show, then said, "I wish you would have done the Linking rings.!"
Whatcha gonna do!? haha.
Well, I consoled myself with the fact that... at least I left him wanting more!
So now I am playing in my head with my act. I think I will consider building all future shows around the Cups and Balls and Linking Rings. (Except shows for children as the Linking Rings is something that doesn't really grab them.)
I did a little strolling magic before hand as I had time to kill and people were enjoying the great food!
Tonight my set consisted of:
Finger clap
Acrobatic Knot.
Cut and Restored Rope/Professors Nightmare
Lassoing a Card
Floating Card
3 Signed Cards Rise from sealed Envelope
Cups and Balls
Leave em Wanting More!


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