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Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Standing 'O'

This morning after work I attended my Thursday morning Covington Networking Group meeting.
I was the "featured" speaker which simply means I get ten minutes to share what it is I do. It is an opportunity for me to allow others into my world as a magician.
I chose to perform rather than talk about it, or show a video.
Having only ten minutes really limited me in my choices of what I would perform.
I chose to go with my signature effect... The Cups and Balls...
I actually opened with the one finger clap opener I like. This warms the crowd up nicely and allows me to introduce myself. We have about 35 people in our networking group, so it was a nice sized crowd to perform for.
I performed the cups and balls. Many of these people have seen me perform some sort of "walk around" or "strolling" magic. Some card effects or coin effects. This was my chance to show them something a bit larger and to showcase my personality for them.
I must say I was overwhelmed by the response. When I revealed the oranges and the melon under my hat for the finish to the cups and balls. I got a spontaneous standing ovation. I really was not prepared for this lavish applause.
I will say that I truly enjoyed it though. I got warm all over... sadly, I blushed and really did not know how to respond. So I did what Dai Vernon recommends. I simply bowed my head and said thank you several times.
Later in the day I began to analyze what had happened and why.
I want to know how to create that moment again and again.
Not just for me and my ego, although it was very wonderful to bask in the glow of the moment. But I realize as I think on it that the audience enjoys the show more as well. When they give you or anyone a standing heartfelt ovation, they go away from the experience invigorated too. They perceive that "it" was better. (And maybe it was?)
I don't know? I was on a ten minute time crunch, and somewhere during the cups and balls routine, the timer told me I had a minute thirty left... I began to speak and move much quicker... maybe my speeding up helped create excitement?
I had a similar experience at my men's group doing a set of card tricks in the past. I drove home that evening wondering why that Standing 'O' happened.
Like I said, it is not so much about me trying to get more of them for my benefit, I just believe the audience goes away with a much larger feeling of the event. A more lasting impression.


Blogger Gerry said...

Sounds like a good show Tim. Maybe you should take someone with you to video tape it next time and you can post it on here via YouTube.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Good Idea!

12:07 PM  

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