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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wonderful Magical Day

Yesterday now as I type, I had a great time performing walk around close up magic for elderly people and their care givers at a place called Cedar Ridge retirement and assisted living.
I was booked for a three hour walk around gig.
The event was mostly held out doors as the weather was very nice for this time of year. It almost reached 80 degrees.
There was BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers, a horse to ride and a bouncy house for small children.
Oh yeah and this 52 year old magic guy... ME! :)
I started out with finding some people to do something for, anything really just to get myself going.
A couple of ladies were sitting, not eating so I approached them and opened with my Hot Rod routine. I did some coins and rubber bands and was off and running. I moved around the picnic area and had a wonderful time.
I decided to make sure and put more coin effects into my repertoire. Recently several people have told me that my coin work is good. I have been 'messing' with coins for many years but do not feel very confident with them. I decided it is time to move out into that area of magic more.
I had a lot of fun doing coin stuff too. Charming Chinese Challenge. Coins across, coins thru table. Many people were loving it. And yes, I ma not the best at it ... yet! :)
It was a very uplifting day and to think... I even get paid a decent wage for dong it!
During the few hours I was there, a band arrived and set up. It was a country/Western band of four men. They were performing at the same time as I was. This created a problem for me and the people enjoying my magic. I do not understand why these assisted living people that are in charge of entertainment do not understand that two shows going on simultaneously is a bad idea. Shouting over a band is not conducive to good quality magic!
I decided to take my act in doors and was well received by those that were in there!

Last month I performed at an assisted living place and they wanted some walk around magic and my stand up show as well. That was all good, but they wanted me to perform my stand up show while all the patrons were eating dinner... this was not good planning. Magic needs to be witnessed, seen to be understood and followed. If people miss something during an effect, well, you have no effect, no magic.
It was ironic at this particular event that they had two musical 'shows.' One before me an don after. They lined up chairs in a semi circle so that they could all watch the musicians. But music does not need to be seen to be appreciated. Most magic must be seen as well as heard.
I am thinking maybe I should research putting together a small booklet for these entertainment directors.?
For some odd reason they must think that hiring more is better.
At any rate, I enjoyed the performing immensely.


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