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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot everywhere weekend!

I love the heat, especially when you can hunker down by the lake and swim and eat picnic food and enjoy the breeze of a nice cooling wind as you sit in the shade of a tree or two... That's pretty much what my weekend consisted of. The wife and I spent several hours enjoying each others company at the lake. I worked on deepening my sunburn and she worked on her great tan. She tans so easily, a nice deep olive!
Our eldest son was home for the weekend before heading to Idaho for two months where he'll be helping to develop and grow a campus ministry. He arrived on Wednesday night. We changed the oil in his car on Thursday about 3pm... Then I ate a light dinner and headed to the magic session at Jose's rental house, work the evening and swimming on Friday. Too hot to do much else, get by a lake baby!
Got up Saturday morning and worked on getting the boat out of the garage... SUCCESS!!!
It is ready for a trip to Puget Sound. Maybe Tuesday morning... Can't wait. Saturday night Joan and I spent the evening having fun with her classmates of 30 years ago... Not many attended but those that did enjoyed themselves to some great food, a few drinks and some loud music.
Joan seemed to have a good time reconnecting! She looked beautiful. I really stole a gem from the Federal Way class of 1976, hahahaha...
Sunday we went to church, we let Katie go to the lake with some friends on their boat. I think we should have asked some questions about it. She got home after 9;30 P.M. A full day on the lake, she was spending the night at their home as well, but she had to come home feeling not so well. We think heat exhaustion may be the culprit. She has a fairly nice (not nice) sunburn. Even though she was on the water all day, swimming and staying cool, we doubt if she consumed enough water.
After church I was in a short meeting getting tapes and resumes' about four potential pastors for our church. It is an awesome responsibility to be a part of a team to pick a new pastor. I am praying for guidance.
Peace and love,


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