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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Magic night/session

I arrived early and enjoyed chatting with Scotty and Gina as they chowed on some food... Scotty and I discussed a trick I shared with them last week. I think it is called mind reader, remind me to show it to you. I didn't realize it at the time, but Scotty really liked it and so began doing it. So we made it a little better by brainstorming it a bit.
We also played with the voodoo doll because mine arrived last week and I showed it to Scotty. So he gave me some pointers (pun intended) for it's use...
Scottys' rings arrived today! YAHOO! He had a Cheshire cat grin on his face when he showed them to me! Christmas in October you might say! Haha, I know EXACTLY how he feels!!!
So we worked on some ring stuff, Scotty has more skills than we know.(Maybe we'll call him "margarine")(inside joke) It is fun to get into people a bit and see them stretch and open up.
Well, then, Chad and Brian showed up and Randy too. Wish you were there!
I must be getting old because that Brian is rubbing me wrong quite a bit lately... Between me and you! He has a smart ass comment for everything, Chad is that way as well, I must have been that way at their age too I suppose...Like I said, I'm getting old (er)...
Anyway, I taught randy a trick, I call ace sandwich cuz I don't know that we ever named it.. Randy liked it.
I asked Brian for some advice on a card control and he helped out gladly.
Thanks Brian! Sweet tip! Haha, Pinky finger tip that is!
Nash showed up and I picked his brain on a card routine he showed me last week, makes me smile when I play with it!
Well, the young uns(Chad, Nash and Brian) brought up Scotty's up coming shows and started playing with his handcuffs, that was pretty interesting with all the boys getting cuffed and Scotty teaching how to pick the various locks! I didn't really partake in that although I would have liked too... They all wished Steve the police officer was there to try out his cuffs!
Well, I left for work, and that's that!


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