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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ah, bygone times

This, in response to Tom Franks blog post awhile ago....

For a minute there..... I was brought back to a dingy two room home in West Seattle, real life pizza crust, left on dishes piled in the sink and on the counter. No insence burning, but instead a musty cigar, smoking and smoldering in an ash tray, waiting for it's owner to pick it up and put it between his teeth,Happy Birthday
guests arrive, magicians and future magicians,
A wild bunch at a session
coming and going all hours of the night..some being fooled, some fooling others, a man in the corner taking notes...Randy Sills
Smoke fills the room, music, lightly playing in the background, linking rings, clanging in the living room...
Linking Rings, Rob, Nash and Chad
while others sit around a kitchen table covered with close-up pads of varying colors, and strewn with torn and bent cards that have lived their last...
Session 2006
Awe and laughter prevail as the evening wears on.. The master of the home, pulls out an ancient Chinese coin with a hole in it's center, babbling something about how it used to fit over the ancients head and around their necks...
Magic Trick

Tie the ends together

The lovely clang of copper cups and balls rings out, drawing everyones attention,
Jose, Cups and balls and a great smile!
It's made of a soft metal!
As the routine unfolds, heads nod in knowing love... a fan of cards appears from nowhere, everywhere...Scotty Walsh 2005Nash Fung 2006
One takes his leave as another arrives..A coin flashes in the night as it rolls its lonely way across the knuckles of an acolyte... The coin hits the floor, adding it's sound to the rising chaos.... memories, memories of a bygone time in West Seattle at a friend and mentors home... Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...
or... Thanks for the memories!!!
Randy and Steve (Raku fire & Butter)
The Stones of Tutankhamun


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