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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Revue and Critique

In my in box:


It was great to see your performance. Although you probably noticed the little things that went wrong during your show, it's only natural to be hard on yourself. You rocked the house. I especially liked how you engaged the audience with eye contact and by posing questions. All that practice paid off. You held your own and in my opinion, did better than some of the seasoned performers. You should be proud. The rope and cups routines fit you well. You're on your way to bigger and better things.

your friend,

I'm curious. How did you feel about how you did and what things would you do differently now that you've been able to see review your video?

My reply...
Thank you for your kind words. I did rock the house, being the opening act was a bit interesting...
Jose, I would maybe ask the people to my left that were on the couch if they would like to move around front to see better. I saw myself move the table about three times trying to figure out where best to place it because of their angles.
My pacing was good but I would pause a bit more and let the applause/laughter subside a bit more before continuing. I walked on my applause a couple of times. (Insert, take a deep breath here) I think that is because when I practice in my office at work, there is no one there and I have to imagine an audience. A real live audience is a bit different to say the least!
I would like to smile more. That seems to be an ongoing battle for me. Maybe that will come with relaxing and performing more.
I love the video in that I can watch Philemon, Payne and Thomas Wayne and learn a bit about presentation. While I honestly didn't care much for the tricks Philemon and Payne performed. Their personna and relaxed way or stage presence is pretty good. Thomas Wayne was very engaging and it showed that he is a seasoned performer.
However, While I was performing my mind was racing, my mouth got dry... but on the video I could see that no one could tell. Funny that! :)
Brett Johnsons performance is how I somewhat see myself in my minds eye.(Unsure and skeptical of myself) But I don't look that way on the video.

It would be way cool to see you performing there. I am realizing that it is a great opportunity to get better, to get stage time.
I loved meeting your wife. She is lovely. You guys look good together!
Your friend


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