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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hurtin' Unit

Tuesday was supposed to be a sweet, relaxin' evening... Marinate flank steak, mmmm, mmmm!
But it rained hard and slicked the stairs to our deck. I was walking down the stairs and my feet came out from under me, BOOM, up in the air I flew! Slam! Down I went onto my left side slamming onto the last wooden stair. AGONY, SHOOTING, RED HOT PAIN! A scream escaped my lips, writhing, my daughter comes to my rescue, not much help there... My wife comes running out of the house... nothing anyone can do. I try to stand, pain! Go to my knees. Rest there a bit... try again to rise... make it half way up, nope, nothing doing, I begin to shake, catch my breath... what the ^&%$ did I do? Is anything broke? I didn't hear a crack, didn't land on my spine.. O.k. Gotta get up. finally I make it to my feet, gotta get in the house, get some ice on it... It hurts, like a red hotness, hard to explain. knotted up...
Finally make it to the sofa, Katie brings some ice, Ahhhh.. a little relief...
Tomorrow will be very painful I think... Thank the Lord for nothing broken. I think I landed on a muscly part of my lower back and side. Should be a painful bruise for several days.


Blogger Tom said...

Feeling any better?

1:33 AM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Much better, A friend in the rehab business shared with me a couple of back exercises and they seem to be helping.

3:11 AM  

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