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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Since Last Friday!

Friday was a seriously long day for me!
Went golfing after work at Riverbend golf course with some work buddies. We all get off work at 6 am... I shot an 86, then Mike and I went around the front nine again. Shot a 42. Stopped by home depot on the way home and picked up some fence posts to finish the chain link fence on my neighbors side.
Later that evening my wife and I enjoyed the movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played"! What a great movie! Highly recommend, two thumbs up, WAY up! A true story about Francis Ouimet and the 1919 U.S open championship. Great photography and a great feel good movie!
Saturday was a tiring day simply because I was awake for 32 hours the day before, sluggish and not motivated to do much. Our son Ryan came home for dinner about 6pm bearing gifts for my birthday! He also had his lovely girlfriend Myoko with him! We had a nice dinner of BBQ'd Jamaican jerk chicken, rice and salad.
After dinner I opened my gifts which was a very nice Washington Husky polo shirt and an unopened bag of Kookaburra Liquorice. Rich, Chewy & Delicious. Old fashioned red!
I performed only one (well, actually two)Magic trick for Myoko, I chose the crazy mans hand cuffs and you actually heard her jaw drop! Not really, but her eyes did pop out of her head! O.k. o.k... so I am exaggerating a little. But you get the idea. The trick really shocked her.
Sunday we went to church was quite relaxing and then I drove to my friend Steve Ameden home to pick up a nice unfinished wood dresser. I think it is a straight trade for a performing table I made for him. Like they said in the movie Dances With Wolves, good trade! Steve and I sessioned for a couple of hours and I did some video of Steve working some card tricks. Nice stuff. It was a good session. Steve shared with me some fine coin work as well. I think he is setting me up to learn some of it! That would be fine by me! Steve has some great chops and a very relaxing demeanor. I look forward to spending more time with him!
I didn't go in to work Sunday night because I wanted to attend a funeral for a friend whose mom passed away. The funeral was a Catholic service in Renton. I met several people that I haven't seen in a long time. Nick De'torre who was the best man at my wedding 26 years ago. Also, Mike Arrends who did a reading at our wedding as well. Two others from my high school days. We were all there to give support to our friend "Skip" Deblasio. It was his mom who died last week, She was 85 and married for 65 years. Good for her!
To my utter surprise my nephew Kene was at the funeral. He is friends with the deceased's grandson. It was good to see Kene. Later at the luncheon his brother Jonathon showed up, so I got to visit with two of my nephews... Small world eh!?
Monday evening found me at my friend Jose's house sessioning with him and several others. Mark Storms and his friend Greg. Adam Truitt and his father Harry, and of course new comer Leslie Thyagarajan. I arrived early at Jose's and we watched two egg bag dvd's. After everyone else arrived we watched them again. Mark and Greg weren't too interested in them although they watched them. Gazzo is always fun to watch! Leslie had brought several of his egg bags. Two of them turned into chickens as an ending. The session moved into the dining room and some serious card magic was going on. Adam performed a wonderful 3 card monte routine done in the hands. Jose performed his new and improved cups and balls and I videod it for him. He is getting so much smoother and more relaxed. Right on!
I showed everyone my new WOW trick. Everyone of course said, WOW! I think I just sold four more of them for Masuda! It is that good! WOW! I need to do it several more times to get natural with it! Taught Adam the Jordan count and did an Aronson trick for him that uses it. All in all it was a productive evening.
Leslie wants to learn some cups and balls, I will be working with him next Monday. Mark is excited to get back to sessioning and I said "how about Friday night at my place"? He said that'l work.
Time to get busy with it!


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