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Sunday, April 22, 2007

So much...

Well, I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Kirkland at the Life Choices SHARE (Sexuality, Health and Relationship Education) training. An intense three day course on how to speak to teens about choosing abstinence. It was a jam packed course in all things sexual and relational in the context of sexual relations. All about STD's, holding hands and homosexuality. Abortion and pre marriage and after marriage relationships. What works and what doesn't work. How the choices you make today as a teenager will affect you for the rest of your life. Am I ready to jump in and go to the Junior High and High schools... No way baby! Got so much more to learn and polish! Just at the beginning.
Ironic that just last week the State of Washington passed a law prohibiting abstinence only teaching. What are THEY afraid of? The truth most likely. Life choices is a non profit org. and only wants to help people get the full picture so that young women and men can make a fully informed decision. Guess the Stae wants to fund more condoms and abortions. People that don't get pregnant and abort don't make the state funded institutions and doctors any money.
We had 10 women and two men taking the course. Three young ladies from Indiana, One from Reno, Nevada, and two from Delaware. These people couldn't believe the liberalism running rampant in our state. They were amazed and appalled at the feminization of Washington state. We told them to get ready because it is coming to a town near YOU! Am awaiting further instructions...

Joan, Katie and I went to a friends wedding Saturday afternoon. It was a grand affair. Marcus and Rebekah Millspaugh now join the ranks of married folk dotting our country! Congratulations! The reception was a full blown Dinner of about two hundred and the West Seattle Big Band played old style ballroom dancing music for several hours. I heard that the band takes donations for their time and that they in turn donate whatever they receive to charity as well. How cool is that!? They are a 20 member band with a singer as well. They played real good and everyone had a grand ol' time!
Sunday rolled around and went to church and enjoyed worship and a wonderful sermon about being plugged in to Jesus. Not just partially plugged in but fully plugged in. Pastor Bill gave a nice illustration about the problems of being partially plugged in using several high wattage appliances and several electrical cords and the dangers involved when not being tightly and fully plugged in. A great way to illustrate the point!
After church we headed to Joan's former home and did some massive cleaning and tossing. Basically got the garage cleaned up. They rented a twenty yarder. A big green garbage dump on wheels. Everyone pitched in and we got started. We will need at least one more of these "dumps" to get the house ready to sell.


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