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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Comedy & Magic

My friend and comedic magician Isaac Louie invited me to join him at the Cedarhouse Sports Bar in Milton Wa. I arrived at the place a bit early and met Louie in the parking lot while he was unloading his gear. We walked into the joint together and it was pretty nice digs. The shape of the building is like a geo dome on the outside but rather new on the inside, you know, three pool tables, a bar, and gaming machines all over. Big screen t.v. with the Mariners on...
The M.C. arrived on stage and began his spiel. Well how times have changed. Blue language, blue humor and rather crude and crass. I was uncomfortable sitting their listening to this diatribe. Definately not funny. I was going to video Louie and wanted to get the intro for him... Well, this M.C. was so bad and foul mouthed that I shut the camera off. I missed Louies intro but got his whole act. Louie is a good performer. It took awhile for the audience to loosen up but Louie definately had them by the end of his performance. Louie performed a cut and restored rope, a card trick, he used a whip to slice a banana into three pieces and performed the cups and balls. All with comedy bits. Louie had a few minutes to spare so he finished his set with an outrageous hand shadows routine. Funny, but I wouldn't have thought to entertain a bunch of loud mouth drunks with hand shadow animals. Louie had them eating out of his hands, pun intended!
Since the establishment was on Indian reservation property, smoking was allowed. YUK!
Funny how in this great land of America. The rules don't apply equally across the land! Weird!
Anyway, inspite of some of the smelly situation I had a good time and maybe learned a few things!


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