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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

His Reply

hey dad its great to hear from ya! im at the dam now in haditha. its a pretty cool place actually. i live inside the dam, its kinda wierd and there are plenty of stairs, but kinda cool too. im sorry i havent been able to write or phone home. it costs like four dollars an hour to get on the internet here and i am not able to make phone calls from this place very easily. i am getting ready to go on my first mission tomorrow morning. most missions are like a day or two, this one is twenty! we are expected to get back here to the dam on the twelth of october. im excited to go and a little nervous at the same time. anyways, sounds like the fishing is going alright (except for the mishap with the waders and the rod lol). how do you like fishing in the river? i wish i had more time to write, but i kinda need to figure out exactly how i need to pack for this mission and start getting ready. i got my address here also, so i will give ya that. i wont be able to get back on here for at least three weeks. i am doing well though and i hope everyone back home is as well. i love you all and cant wait to hear from you again.
love eric


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