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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thought Triggers

We have been growing delicious Asian "pear apples" for years. First at our home we used to own, and we planted two trees at our new home which ain't so new, now that we have been in it for over 15 years...
Here are some of those delicious apples, they are really sweet and juicy. I usually give them away because there are too many for my family, especially now that the boys are grown up and moved away. Every year i would make sure and give some to my younger brother Ted. He loved them. I have been giving him some ever since we found out you could grow them in our state. The tree costs about 20 bucks and they really produce.
The last time I saw Ted alive was last year when he brought a broken three wood to me to repair and at the same time I gave him a large bag of these apples. That was probably last November. We have two of these trees, one produces it's harvest now in early september and the other later, more like in October or early November. As I walk out into our backyard and see the fruit growing I am often reminded of him.
Here's to you Bro.


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