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Monday, September 17, 2007

A Week Later

And still thinking about what to post on here and where I am going in life...
The main question is... what do I want to be when I grow up?
I have been battling that question for over 30 years, (I'm 48) and still searching and playing... I have been a working man for 33 years, having started working at age 15... YIKES! :)
Been married for 26 years and along the way we have enjoyed? three children, two of which are grown men and moved out on their own.
Flying kites, raising children, making friends, losing friends, work acquaintances, harmonica playing, boating, fishing, partying, Christmases, Thanksgivings, playing softball, coaching our kids in both baseball and basketball, playing in many sports leagues, flag football, a bit of travelling and golfing... learning and performing magic, swimming, being a sinner and saved Christian, battling with God, giving in and taking back, and the beat goes on...
Went fishing last week and got skunked, I guess the fish moved on up into the rivers to spawn...
Heard there is supposed to be a large run of Silver Salmon heading into the Sound? Dunno..
Going to fish the Puyallup River on Tuesday, a new adventure for me, river fishing...

Saturday the wife and I went to see Sterling Dietz perform at the South Precinct in Seattle (Police precinct)..
We invited some friends and they went as well.
Sterling is just 16 years old and inspires me magically, for some reason I think it is supposed to be the other way around, me being older, but I am inspired by his magic and his hard work. Makes me swallow my pride and realize I ain't practicing as hard as I could be!
Funny, as I watched him perform, I realized that my "chops" are probably equal to his and yet I am not in his class. Why? Because of fear, and not performing. Sterling's father told me that Jeff McBride and others told him to perform, perform and perform some more.
That is great advice! Beat your fear down, find who you are as a magician... and thru performing you will gain knowledge and find yourself magically.
Sterling had fun during his performance and it doesn't seem to be a "contrived" thing with him, heck, he is only 16! Wow! I am excited for him.
I will be performing on the 29th of this month and again on Oct. 12th.
I need to get some business cards made and get after it.
I met Sterling because he was interested in purchasing one of my magic tables, which he did!
I hope he really enjoys it and gets much use out of it.


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