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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

River fishing...

My friend Erik took me fishing to day on the Puyallup river. I met up with Erik at the Auburn Denny's, followed him to the happy fishing grounds...

He tied up a special leader just for me... maybe he shoulda kept it for himself... After about 5 casts into the river I had "Fish On" a nice 3 lb Humpy... Erik was excited for me. I know the feeling, when you take someone fishing, you want to make sure they catch fish... I feel that way when I take someone out on my boat...

I wasn't watching but I heard a "SNAP" over by Erik. Him and another angler got tangled up and the tip of Erik's rod was broken, bummer! He told me as he was leaving that it was the first day this season he has been skunked. Double ouch!

I caught one more fish about 7:30 and since the chest waders I have leaked, my feet got really numb so I called it a day. I stopped on the way home and picked up a nice neoprene chest wader. I plan on going again on Thursday!
I had a great time, the second fish was a little larger and peeled some line. I have a lot too learn at this type of fishing. All the anglers seemed friendly and helpful.


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