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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Day of Magic

Well why not?!
I got up early and watched the Huskies defeat the favored Boise State team this afternoon, I watched the game (the first half anyway) with my friend Dan, He says I can call him a friend now that he is retired, before, when we were co workers, we were... co workers...
Dan left at halftime and so did the Huskies offense, neither team scored the rest of the game. It's just as well because I made a journey to Seattle to see a fellow magician at the West Police precinct where he was performing... His dad had called me and wanted to purchase one of my magic tables. His name is Sterling Dietz. He is a fine up and coming magician, you will certainly see and hear more about this young phenom. He chose the table with the opening in the back. Right on!

I hurried home from Seattle because I had a couple of magi coming by for dinner and a magic session. It was a great time and the food was good too. We worked on the newspaper tear.
Other things we worked on were card warp. Everyone had their two cents worth on this one.


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