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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Workin Towards The Day

When I won't be nervous to perform magic for people...
I practice and practice, but still... I think it will come as I perform more often.
Adding new material all the time, working on my chops and my stage presence. Becoming larger than life. A star! At least for the people I am in front of at that particular moment. Touching lives, young and old and in between. I may be their first introduction to magic. I want to make it a positive one. A feeling of joy and happiness. Having fun creates this affection. Hard to have fun when to much concentration is going on, smiling and relaxing, trusting the work I've put in... Saturday looms large as I prepare for a 40 minute show. Excitement and dread intermixed. Sunday a couple of effects to be performed for the people I go to church with... which effects to perform? New material, egg bag, amazing banana bandanna... new stuff... looking for laughs and fun! Theatrics, being theatrical, entertaining, beyond the know how of how to simply do the trick...
Trusting yourself, knowing that all is well because you've put in the hours...
That's right! I'm there!


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