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Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Magic

Got out of bed around 8:30 having not slept too well. My mind was working overtime as it often does when I am getting ready to perform. Had a gig scheduled for 12:30 at Farrington Court senior center. Yep, my second one there! I went thru my routine before I left and felt pretty confident about it. I arrived early as I feel it might be important to be ready whenever they are. Never can tell what might come up.
Well, the weather was a bit chilly but a band was outside playing when I arrived, I figured I'd be performing outside again. My hands were a bit cold so I was pondering whether or not to do the opening effect I had planned. Daryl's Three Fly Three. I have not really performed this effect for a lay audience of any size. Then I found out they wanted me to set up in the cafeteria, O.K. no problem, whatever you want. I decided it was time I did some strolling magic. I have not done this before, I walked around and found a table that had no food... All those DVD's finally paying off, haha... I had a good time, did some great card tricks, threw in a hot rod and crazy man's hand cuffs now and then... I think I got to about three tables...Then I got set up and Michelle ushered in some children, they all sat on the floor. Lots of older people eating and trying to get seats to eat. The band finished outside and decided they wanted to eat also. The place was packed and with not enough seating for everyone. O.K. maybe you should perform outside, Cool! Let's do it...
Outside I go and there are ponies and circus type attractions... Here we go... gonna earn some money!
I got set up, I decided against performing Three Fly Three, Not going to perform something so new at this stage...
I opened with the Mental Photography deck. It went real well, alright I'm off and running...
I introduced my grandfathers bag trick next, this was my first "live" showing of this effect. It went splendidly! I think this will become one of my favorite magical effects. The "wows" and "oohs' were just to much fun to ignore!
Then I performed Cut & Restored Rope with the Professors Nightmare ending, dovetailing that into a ring, rope, and wand trick. Next, I performed the classic Lassoing a card where I have a spectator pick a card, they lose it in the deck, of course I can't find it, end up lassoing it with a rope, this trick is astonishing if sold correctly!
Linking rings followed that up, again a bit of trouble with the rings, confidence my boy, you lack confidence and about 200 hours of ring work. The trouble was in the initial count, sometimes these old fingers don't work too well, it went well after that and I heard some great gasps with the silent pass throughs...My patter was off some with the linking and unlinkings, I slowed down to catch up!
I finished with the cups and balls. My bread and butter. Not! It was great to perform for a "lay" audience, Wow! What a difference! And they pay me for this too!
Afterwards, I received many compliments on my magic, I often asked people what they liked best, their responses were very wide ranging, So, that didn't help too much as I try to whittle my act down to six tricks...I also did some more strolling magic and had a great time with it.
Didn't sleep too well again, magic on my mind... Going to perform for my church congregation. It's Kid's day at our church...
I have been working on a few new effects and have been wanting to perform them, next Saturday I am entertaining at a child's birthday party, I had been gearing up for that when my pastor asked me if I'd be willing to do something for kid's day, what could I say, absolutely!
I thought he wanted a quick ten minutes so I figured I would do two effects. Later I spoke with him and he wanted about twenty minutes, so I ended up doing five effects that ran about thirty minutes...
Man was I nervous wreck before going on, new material, a crowd of about 100 plus...
I have known these people(most of them) for twenty years give or take...
Well, I dazzled em! I blew them out of the water! God made me shine. I had a BLAST and so did they, we in tune and rockin and rollin... I am still high from it all!
You da thought I was a professional magician or something, it was like striping a solid drive about three hundred yards with a wee right to left draw down the middle of the fairway. Man I want to bottle that feeling and let it out every time I perform.
Synergistic it was! Flowing man! Now I can quit!
Opened with Daryl's Acrobatic knot, it was a smashing choice and the laughter began immediately, don't know why, I don't consider myself a comedic kind of guy...
Must be daryl's patter lines! Thank you Daryl!
I then did the Ring, Rope, and wand, mainly because I figure that since you have some rope available, why not use it. This trick went very well too, the response wasn't as audible, but I was told later by several people that it was really good... hmmmm.
Again I performed Gazzo's egg bag routine, not quite like Gazzo, but close enough. This routine is superb! A definite "A" list effect! Thank you Gazzo! The little boy I brought up on stage was four years old and precious, a sure fire can't miss if handled properly. I was lucky, he was a bit too young but it all worked out! I love that effect!
Well, now for something funny and new. The amazing Banana Bandanna trick, I saw Oscar Munoz perform this at Day of Magic last October. It only took me a year to finally learn it and perform it. This effect has comedy built into and it didn't disappoint. I made funny faces and the crowd had a blast. One woman who just had her wisdom teeth removed... well, she was trying not to laugh but it was just too funny...
Another keeper I think! I have been looking for a comedy piece to add to the show, I think I found it! Thank you Oscar Munoz!
And of course I finished with the cups and balls...
I don't know what happened, I think it was the nice crowd. Mostly friends, but many invited guests. I think a larger crowd that is well behaved, a church going crowd with no chance at any hecklers... well, I don't know? Maybe it was just God allowing everyone to enjoy the day and magic. It was magical for me and I got to be careful because with all the sincere compliments I received, I could get a big head and start beleivin in myself!
Things I learned, Slow down after an effect, a vanish or appearance, I tend to walk on my applause and laughter. Let the magic sink in for a moment before moving on.
Have fun and the audience will as well. I had a faux pas here or there, but they ended up being funny instead of killing me, Being light hearted allowed this to happen. Don't take myself too seriously, this is a hard one for me.
All in all. In a word.


Blogger Ryan F said...

"I don't know how it happened
It all took place so quick
But all i can do is hand it to you
And your latest trick."

- Dire Straits, Your Latest Trick

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