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Friday, October 05, 2007

Lazy Friday

Yep,just enjoyin a lazy Friday...
got off this morn at 6 am, slept for 4 hrs and got up so I can sleep tonight. Watched the Yankees lose to the Indians. I'm one of those Yankee haters!
Getting ready for a birthday party magic show on Sunday. The boy will be six. They are a family that goes to church with us. I think there will be about twenty people there. Should be a good time. His sisters were asked on Wednesday who is the funniest person they know. They both said, Tim Flynn. Haha.. they really enjoyed the Vanishing Bandanna trick I performed on Sunday. It was a truly fun and funny effect.
The weather is now cold and fall has fallen upon us. Cleaned the gutters today, brought fire wood from the back 40 up to the house last week. Had our first fire in the fire place last night. Yep, time to start hunkering down for the next five months.


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