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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Session at Shawn's

Been wanting to go...
but it is a long way in the middle of he week... Excuses, excuses, finally I could resist no more, my friend Jose called me on the phone (no email)and invited me to join him, actually to car pool up to Everett to Shawn O'Donnells restaurant for a bit of a magic session. I have been wanting to see Shawn perform his rendition of the cut and restored rope for a couple of years now. I met Shawn briefly about 3 years ago when Daryl came to town to give his magic lecture. I overheard Shawn talking of it... I recently have been learning the routine, it was sweet to see Shawn perform it, you can tell when a magic performer loves his effect, Shawn definitely loves the cut and restored rope, it was smoooth.
Shawn also performed his cups and balls routine, it was very nice as well, Shawn used the Johnson cups, a wonderful set of brass cups and balls, again you can tell he loves his cups and balls routine. You can tell by the small smile playing across his lips and visage...

Professor Gizmo was in attendance as well, I haven't seen Gary in about a year? I drove up to his place last year in the snow, a long scary drive... At that time we exchanged some ideas, some videos, made some trades and I wanted to pick his brain about the Anniversary Waltz. Nice to see him, I love his sponge ball routine and of course he always has some great "new" gadget or effect he is working on. A real silver dollar! Hmmm...
Jose performed his Sam the Bellhop routine twice, it is coming along nicely. It was great to see it performed live, what a difference it is to see these things live and in person. Jose has a sweet disposition that makes you want to watch him perform because he has a child likeness about him that is infectious.
I performed the Linking rings for everyone, it went real well... Shawn told me I should definitely put that in my act. There was a "new" guy there, Named Bennett, His eyes popped and I heard a slightly audible gasp at the silent ring penetration. Now that's what I'm talking about! YEAH! I did a few card tricks for the "new" guy. In order to teach him the Elmsley count I did a few effects that use the sleight, for example, Twisting the aces, and Jumping Gemini. Jumping Gemini is a mind slayer. It went superb, I amazed myself! When that happens, you know it slayed them! Four cards and a ton of magic!
A fellow name Greg Fleehart (www.gregfleehart.com)was there tonight, I have met him once before at one of Jose's sessions. He has a lot of quality magic to share. Nice work helping Bennett on some double lifts. Greg must know about four or five good double lifts, that tells me he is a student of the craft! He also wanted to know everyones favorite force. He showed us his latest and greatest, I don't remember what it is called but it is a Mark Mason classic type force and it is really sweet!
The evening at Shawn's ended about 10 pm as I had to go to work, which I am proud to say... I was a bit late for!



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