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Friday, December 21, 2007

Thursday in the Snow!

Had plans to ski on Thursday with Katie and Ryan.
The day before I had tranny trouble on the "new" Tahoe. Seemed to run better after adding some needed tranny fluid, but I wanted to be sure so I did some research at Schucks. The tranny dipstick had good readings of fluid so I figured I'd give her a go. Katie bailed out on skiing as she was a bit too sore from the day before! Can't blame her, so I met Ryan in North Bend and we headed up to the Pass. There was a 45-60 minute delay because it was snowing pretty hard and some cars got stuck in the lanes clogging them so they had to be removed before traffic could continue, But we got skiing about 5:30 and had an excellent time. The new snow was great. Usually the powder up at Snoqualmie is wet and heavy and doesn't act like the powder you see in all the ski video's. But this night was very nice. Clear skies, 3/4 moon, and new snow! It was nice to relax while skiing, relax? Yep, we only really had one decent run so we just sort of decided to enjoy the snow, the company, Gods great outdoors and work on some fundamentals.
A beautiful night!


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