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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Amazing Christmas!

The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ has never been this amazing for me!
The day was wonderful with a smattering of snow so we could literally sing, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... the snow didn't stick but it was pretty cool anyway!
Son Ryan spent several days with us and that was a special treat, he has grown into a fine young man. Wow, he is really on a great path! He works, takes care of himself and is a strong Christian leader in his church.
He joined us for candle light services at our church Christmas eve. Everyone was excited to see him, many people he hasn't seen in over five years. It was a nice reunion for him.
The service was good too, all about letting your light shine and lighting someone else's, the more "little" lights we light, the brighter will be the light of Christ in the world!
I got an ipod for Christmas, totally unexpected. I suppose I will have to join the millions of people on itunes now!? The sound is amazing! I also received a special gift from our dog Cub! (Actually Katie) a nice pair of silk boxer shorts that say "Stud muffin" on them, you see, I often call Cub, our dog, Stud Muffin! Kids are great, aren't they!!!
Joan's family joined us for Christmas dinner! Her mom, we wheeled in in a wheel chair, hauling her up the stairs, chair and all! Two of her sisters joined us and one of their husbands... We enjoyed ham and potatoes, and beans and jello. Not to mention a fun time just being together.
I received an amazing (to me) phone call Christmas evening. a call from my brother John, yep, blew me away!
It was a nice call and really showed to me the healing power of Jesus, On Christ's birthday celebration. It was a nice 1st step toward healing some wounds! I know it took a lot of guts for John to call, we talked for maybe 15 minutes and ended on a positive note! Right on!
Not long after that we got a long distance call from Iraq! Yep, Eric was calling at 4:30 in the morning his time! He somehow was awake and on the 8th deck of Haditha dam and on a SAT phone! He talked as long as he could but the phone went dead while talking with his mom. Still it was a great moment on Christ's birthday!
Christmas time is a time for families to enjoy time together, one of the greates blessing this year was the time Katie got to spend with her "big" brother Ryan!


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