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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Marriage of Mind and Sinew

Yeah Baby!
How sweet it is...
Katie and I went skiing yesterday, well I ski, she boards, to use the vernacular.
It was warm up at the pass, No new snow for quite a while, but hey, we went and had a great time! The snow was kind of slushy, I liked it actually, very forgiving, a bit slow, but we had a sweet time. I think it was the third run of the evening when I was watching Katie board and she "got it!" It was uplifting to watch her. She was shredding snow! Not feathering her way down the mountain, but shredding! She knew she had it too! It is so awesome when the mind and the body finally meet up together. You have been working on some physical thing, your minds eye sees what it wants to do, but the motor skills haven't caught up yet. THEN BAM! All of a sudden, there it is! A sweet marrying of the two! I was elated, and if I was elated, she must have been ecstatic!
I think she was, because the smile on her face, and the bright lights of her eyes told the whole story, but it was great to hear her discuss it. She brought it up too, that made it even sweeter, that she recognized the fact of it!
Another serendipity of the event is that I can now ski while taking her up to the pass. I get to get a work out now too!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Sweet job sis! When am I gonna get to come and see you tear it up?

10:11 AM  

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