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Monday, May 05, 2008

Week in revue

Last Monday I had a nice visit from Scotty Walsh and his wife Gina, their daughter Isabella and their dog Snoopy. We had them over for dinner. Of course it was a Salmon feast. I cooked two different pieces of Salmon. Some red meat Blackmouth and some white meat Blackmouth. Sort of a taste test of the two. I enjoyed the white Salmon and Scotty liked the red. It was all good! They are looking good and enjoying married life and the new arrival.
Snoopy and Cub got along great. There dog Snoopy ran circles around Cub!
Scotty and I talked about magic and getting the gigs, which to turn down and which to do. When to say no and yes to doing gigs for free. We didn't have time to session of do some magic for each other. They were on the move!
It was great to see them, until next time!

Well, we sent Eric off to Texas to see his girlfriend before he has to report back to his duty station in San Diego.
Friday he joined my friends and I for a round of golf at Horseshoe Lake golf course.
We had a great time. I think he enjoyed seeing me cuttin it up with my friends. Dad in a different light. I brought a special driver for Eric to hit. It is a no slice driver. Eric played well and I think he surprised himself a few times. A lot of laughter and smiles all around!

We all went to the airport to see him off on Saturday, but before he left we had an evening of goof balling around! Eric was the biggest goof,
well maybe not!


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Nice mom, very nice. I can almost see into your stomach from this view!

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