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Monday, April 21, 2008


54, that's the number of golf holes played in three rounds of golf.
Friday was the day, 54 holes was the deed!
Met Mike at Druidsglen Friday after work, a couple of others showed up, Bob and Matt. It was a cold and windy morning, around 40 degrees with a wind chill of???
I was the sand master on this day. Saving myself strokes miraculously from the bunkers. On hole number five I saved par from the sand with a long 25-30 foot uphill right to left slam dunk! Again on the 16th i had a sweet sandy save with a nice sand splash and a three to four foot putt for the par, back of the cup!
After the original 18 holes, Bob and Matt left and Mike and I continued on, planning to play nine more. We headed out the back nine and had a blast. Our cart got low on battery power so after the nine, we traded it in for a new energized cart and headed out off of hole number one again, continuing on for all consecutive eighteen holes. At this point my hands are hurting. We have played thru snow and rain, wind and sleet. I can still see one of my approach shots soaring thru a wispy snow fall blowing left to right and the snow doubling back upon itself as my golf ball floats over the flag. A really striking memory!
Well, 45 holes wasn't enough for my partner so we headed out again on hole number one and finished the nine around 6:30 pm.
WoW! My right hand is so sore that it is swollen on the back of the hand. A friend thinks I strained a tendon.
I was worried about it because I had a magic gig scheduled for Saturday afternoon and evening!
I arrived in Bellevue at a quarter past four in the afternoon, by five P.M. I was set up and began mingling with the guests. I was performing "walk around magic." All was going great, everyone was enjoying themselves.
It was a kick off party for something called "Camp Good Times." This is a camp for Cancer victims, all children, it is a week long camp held on Vashon Island.
Needless to say, my time and magic was free gratis.
I performed a show at about 7 P.M. It went really well.
I am learning a lot thru performing. Learned that two hours of walk around is Too much before a show. I got tired.
Also, I am finding out that my magic is really good. People tell me so anyway!
An upcoming gig at a local coffee shop this Friday is what's up next!


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