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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fear & Anger!!!

Gas prices are out of control, we're supposed to be grateful that they aren't higher... look at European countries and what they pay!
Get ready for a complete make over in America. The America you know is gone! Food prices, clothing, cars, everything is going to change. Why? Because America has become a wimp! That's right, the great big, bad America, the pride and shining light of the world is no more! We have sold out to what other people think! The environmentalist wackos... the thought and speech police, the homosexuals and anyone else that has a left leaning opinion.
We don't buy cars because we like the model or style anymore. It's all about miles per gallon! Used to be about getting a good interest rate.
Used to be majority rules, now it's all about the minority and looking out for the under privileged. Used to be you pulled yourself up by the boot straps, not anymore. Can I have a hand out, the government will take care of you, for a price. A very steep price. Our freedoms. Don't spank your kids. Don't smoke here. Wear a seat belt and a helmet. By the way, we are going to know your every move because we put cameras everywhere. SMILE!

We have oil everywhere, Anwar, Minnesota, off the Atlantic coast, the Gulf of Mexico and probably many other places, BUT we don't want to go after it, create many jobs, be a self sufficient nation. We want to hand cuff ourselves and BUY our oil from other countries, making us beholden to them.
Anyone else see something wrong with this picture!?
We have all the resources in our own yard and yet we would rather buy it from others.
I recommend reading a couple of books, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and State of Fear."
Fear, everyone is running scared. Why? Our own congress, the people we elect are not looking out for Americas best interest. Create a nanny state and make every one dependent upon a hand out.


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