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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I don't know

What it is, but I have been down lately. Maybe all the winter weather that has finally seemed to pass. Maybe it's just the Month of May. May is hard for me, several things happened in this month that are negatives for me. Two years ago I had a major blow out with my older sister, and last year in May my younger brother died on the 23rd. Maybe I am simply a tired old man?
I have seemed to have lost my zeal for golfing. Magic, maybe that is on the wane too. I have several magic gigs coming up and still enjoy "fooling" people with my magic. Just last night I went to the monthly meeting for the Big Foot Clown Alley. We had a professional puppeteer come in and teach us some great stuff for puppeteering and making our puppets "come alive."
Afterwards I shared that I am wondering where I fit in with all the great work this alley is doing for charity etc. I began to talk about doing walk around magic at the events. So, to show some of the "clowns" what I meant I performed Marked for Life and blew them away. One lady's mouth just fell open and her eyes lit up, another woman just said over and over ,"that was really good, I mean, really good."
So when I can do this to or for people, I just need to keep it in mind maybe!?

Last Sunday was Mothers day. Another "holiday" that I wonder about.

We had a great time with Ryan coming home
and preparing dinner for his mom and the rest of us. Katie joined in and it was a very nice chicken dinner. Ryan bought all the ingredients and told his mom to stay out of the kitchen and just relax. She pretty much did, but hey, you all know how moms are!


Blogger Ryan F said...

No updates? What's up dad?!?! See ya soon. I'm thinking I'll probably head out sometime this weekend!

9:39 AM  

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