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Sunday, June 01, 2008


I know what you're thinking... ( I am a magician after all... :)
But it is not about a car...
My son Ryan and his church held a fund raiser because their church bought a new facility and to offset the cost, they held an auction with catered food etc.
I offered my magical services for sale at the auction.
Someone got a sweet, killer of a deal. I went for a hundred bucks. Whazzup with that? :)
A roommate of our son Ryan's girlfriends sister or some such is getting me for her sisters birthday. It will be a great time!
Joan and I spent the better part of Saturday in Auburn (the little Detroit of the West) looking at and test driving vehicles. Man, there are some really nice cars out there. We started our quest with a drive of the 2008 Honda Accord. We hit it off with the salesman immediately. No pressure just a fun ride and full of info. He used to do some magic. He also is Puget Sound fisherman, goes to a four square church and plays harmonica, now how weird is that!? So we enjoyed some time at the Honda dealership and headed on down the road a stretch to the Toyota dealership. We drove a 2008 Camry that was really nice as well. This salesman too was really nice and a no pressure type guy. I think with gas prices the way they are, many people are buying cars. There are hardly any 2008 Toyota Corolla's available. If you want a Corolla Hybrid, you pay about $2500.00 down and get put on a waiting list.
We have been told that the hybrids are not something to buy as yet. I think the dealrships are selling cars like hot cakes, trucks on the other hand are being traded in and collecting dust.
Anyway, we enjoyed the Camry too, then we drove a 2008 Corolla. It is a nice car as well, but we are interested in a little larger car. The Corolla's do not come with leather interior, which is something we would like. Hey, it's our money, we should get what we like right?!
We actually had a good time.


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