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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free Golf!

Friday afternoon my buddy Mike took me to Canterwood Golf & Country Club. He talked them into letting us golf for free. Canterwood G&CC is a private course in Gig Harbor. What a spectacular place. Million dollar homes. A wonderful Golf course and swimming pool and tennis courts. We had a blast and my magic putter was spot on. My driver was acting strange, it had a case of the nowhere and everywhere itis, in other words I was spraying the ball. But oh the magic putter. Made a sweet putt of about 30 feet for par on one hole, the cool thing was, it was a 30 foot putt that was more like 45 feet because of the 90 degree left turn the ball had to make en route to the cup, a thing of beauty! Saved another par on the 18th hole with another sweet putt of about 20 feet with some downhill right to left borrow! Did the Tiger Woods fist punch when that one dropped. My score of 88 was very respectable! Mike beat me by two strokes. Also, this was the one year anniversary of my younger brother's death. I dedicate the third hole to him every time I golf. It is usually a par three for some reason, and on this day I par'd the hole with a wonderful sand save and a nice six foot putt!


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