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Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend sleepless

Tried to stay awake all day Friday, got a lot done in the morning. Mowed some lawns, fertilized, and got the boat out of garage. Swapped kicker motors on the boat. It is ready for fishing. I will be fishing today and this post at this time is pre fishing. I am at work as I type and will probably post this after the day on Puget Sound.
Fell asleep around 4 pm on Friday and woke up around 4am Saturday. Got some things done Saturday and then headed to Finnegan's Irish Pub in Renton. Met up with about 40 of my class mates from the Renton High class of 1977. Last year was our 30th reunion and we had such a blast that it was decided to try to meet more regular.
It wasn't long and I was performing a bit of close up magic for the people! Crazy mans hand cuffs is a jaw dropper! I did a few card tricks later in the evening and found out some things about working close up in a crowded bar that is loud.
Quick hitters are best. I tried to do Sympathetic cards but it is too long and has too much going on, besides, the patter is important to the effect and I was having trouble being heard.
I stayed until 11pm and got home. Again, I had trouble sleeping as my mind wouldn't shut down. Magic and reminiscing with old pals can do that to me! Darcey Teets pictures above is an old friend dating all the way back to grade school. He now has five children and is a real estate agent.
Nick D'Ettore was the best man at my wedding 27 years ago!

He is now a mechanic for the Boeing company. He works on all the automotive equipment, including the fork lifts and tow tractors that I drive. He also is a Harley Davidson enthusiast. He owns his own fix em up shop at his home in Renton.
This nice looking blonde lady is Nancy Marshall. Her and I went thru all the school years together dating back to kindergarten. Not only that but Nancy and I share the same birthday, even more bizarre is the fact that we were born in the same hospital, Swedish in Seattle. Nancy has a twin brother who lives in Hawii.
News Flsh! News Flash! News Flash! FIsh 1, Flynn's none!

A beautiful day on the water. The water was clean and weed free, The sunrise was great and Mt. Rainier was outstanding in the early morning sunshine. We saw one fish caught and heard of two others. A very slow day. Hopefully things will be picking up!


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