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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clown Alley

I had a great time tonight at the clown alley BBQ and meeting in Lakewood. It was held at the home of Bob & Jan Gee.
We enjoyed several clown skits and of course, I got to perform some magic for the group. I was planning on performing 3 fly three, cut and restored rope, and lassoing a card. After speaking with another member, Don, I switched up and did 3 fly, Chinese sticks and the cups and balls.
This was actually my first public performance of Daryl's great 3 fly routine. I have been practicing it for two years or more and not really sharing it. It went really well and the looks on peoples faces and their gasps is all I need to let me know it works well! I wanted to open with it, and get my initial performance of it over with.
The cups and balls is a classic for a reason. Amazing magic, close up and shrieks and oohs and ahhs...
That's why we do magic!

Many of the clowns have some knowledge of magic. I am finding out that the magic I have been taught and learning is at a much higher level than they expect! I need to really know this and believe in the magic I do, and that it is top notch! Because it truly is!
This is an ongoing struggle of mine. Accepting the fact that the long hours and hard work of magic is coming to fruition.
I once heard someone say something like, "most people are afraid of success" while striving to be successful. What this means basically is that we often think we are undeserving of high success. We don't truly, deep down believe in ourselves even though we want to be successful in whatever endeavor we are pursuing. Along those same lines, I heard it said to "fake it til you make it." That means to be bold and strong even though you aren't feeling successful.
The people I am performing for don't know what it is you are going to do, they have no idea that you are scared. So, be bold, be strong and pretty soon you will be feeling all those things.
Beginning is half done! Get that first line out of your mouth and you are half way home!
We had BBQ'd chicken and hamburgers and lots of other goodies. We had a crowd of 15 I think.
Several clowns did a few skits and they are a fun loving bunch. They had Don and I "wear" road cones on our faces(Click pics to enlarge) and look thru the narrow end of the cones to kick a small "nerf" ball to an imaginary goal line. This was difficult because your field of vision was very, very narrow. We each were given a "helper" to direct us to the ball by shouting out left or right etc. Problem for me was my helper kept telling me left when she meant right. I already couldn't see but a few inches and now I'm being incorrectly directed! it was too funny and fun!
Why did I join them? I think we can help each other. I would like to "lighten up: magically, and they do that all the time. I can teach them some great magic and tighten up some of what they are already doing.
I shared with them Dan Garrett's multiplying carrots trick. I used it in conjunction with my rabbit in the hat puppet. First time I've done this bit before. They loved it! I was able to share with them some of how this great effect is done. Enhancing each other as it were!


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