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Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun In the Sun

Went golfing last Wednesday with a friend from work. Greg Jenson. He is a really good golfer, probably a 2 or 3 handicap. I like golfing with Greg because he is very positive. He is an uplifting guy. He helps me golf better with just his attitude!some other critters we saw on the course!
Friday Mark Jensen came to our home for a little fellowship and magical discussion time. I pulled a fast one on him! While him and I were out on our back yard deck talking things magic... My wife and daughter washed his Tahoe in the front yard. When we walked him out to see him off, he had an eerie feeling come over him but couldn't quite put his finger on it! Haha!
Mark sent me an email, here in his own words...
I gotta tell you, I had the best time with you. First, it was so spooky, that thing with the truck. I know how some folk feel at the hands of a mentalist now. I had this little crawly thing in the back of my neck as I was walking around the truck. I wasn't really thinking of your comment before we went into the house, I was just kind of slowly walking around the thing, thinking, "Something here just isn't fitting." Yes, you could say you got me, or you could say that your family FRIED ME!!! Thanks so much for both the wash and the fellowship.
Now that was fun.
Finally some time to get the boat out of the garage and get her ready for Salmon fishing. The Kings are beginning to show up. I spent the day enjoying the sunshine and working on our two kicker motors. My neighbor Andy couldn't help coming over and holding my hand as I took the lower end off of the 1975 6HP Johnson and cleaned it up and got the impeller spitting water. Then we got into my 1978 9.8 HP Mercury. It was barely spitting water, so we took off some parts, cleaned them up, replaced them and ran HOT water thru the motor trying to dissolve salt residue that has built up. It seems to have worked pretty well and I will be putting the Mercury back on the boat!
Look! A magic disciple in the making!
Fellows name is Sandy Holt. I work with Sandy right now as he is on third shift for two months. About two years ago, Sandy brought his son to my home and I shared some magic with them. His son got excited and purchased a set of Tom Frank's Phoenix cups and balls. I guess he found out there was work involved so he never got into it after that. Sandy doesn't like it that they spent some good hard earned cash and is getting nothing in return, so he has decided to try his hand at the cups and balls! He has been working hard at it for about four weeks now!
Reminds me of myself four years ago!


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