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Monday, July 14, 2008


This is my younger brother Ted. There was way more to him than a can of beer. We played ball together all the time! Growing up, if there was a ball around, we was playing with it! Later as young adults we played softball. Ted was not very large in stature, but he could hit a ball a long way. His size would lure the out fielders in and Bam! Over their heads for a home run! He had a great arm too!
We would golf together as we aged. Ted had his friends and every now and then, about four times a year, I would join them at their favorite course. Ted loved my magic, exhorting me on always and wishing me well in it. He would laugh uproarously when I performed the cups and balls and the oranges would start appearing. He liked the linking rings too.
I wish you were still with us bro. So many things we could be doing.
We had some great times!


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