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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finding the Offbeat...

Learning and growing magically...
A whole new language to learn and understand.
Finding the off beat... what does that mean? How do you apply it in magic.
I have heard this term a lot in magic... even been told what it is or rather, when to do the "secret move." Do it on the off beat. When is the off beat?
Slow to understand, comprehension comes slowly. A simple pause, a natural break in the action... the off beat! When the audience relaxes their vigilance. When they laugh, or look up into your eyes...
The Off-beat is a musical term commonly applied to rhythms that emphasize the weak beats of a bar. According to Grove Music, the “Offbeat” is [often] where the downbeat is replaced by a rest or is tied over from the preceding bar". The downbeat can never be the off-beat because it is the strongest beat in 4/4 time.
Well, that doesn't help, does it? :)
Gotta learn this off beat!


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