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Monday, May 18, 2009

Liinking them Rings!

I purchased some Owen's linking rings from a fellow on Ebay about a week ago.
They arrived today.
These are supposedly the finest Linking Rings on the market.
They are 12 inches in diameter and are hollow stainless steel.
Gonna give em a test run today, ooh!!!
Hope they are SWEET!

Well, now I have played with them, they are sweet!
Don't know if I can truly justify the exorbitant cost of them though, and I got them at a lot less than when sold by the dealer, and still I paid a pretty penny, or tow, or three!!!
Man, hope I don't drop them, oops, just did...
Sometimes hobbies can be expensive you know!?
Did I need this set of linking rings? Probably not, but you gotta know, you know!
I used the money from the boat gig last week to help purchase them, heck, we are all going to pass away, and I sure wouldn't want to leave a bunch of money for my children or for the government to get a hold of!
So, how many golf club sets do you need? Or how about hose guitars you have, do you really need all of them?! :)


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