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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clown Alley

So you want to be a clown eh?
Not me, I wanna be a magician!
Had our alley meeting last night in Fife. I performed Vanishing Bandanna and Egg Bag.
I taught the Vanishing Bandanna. Probably no one will get it because I didn't have the props there to sell, but we'll see.
We had fun with "Team Building."
Lots of games and...clowning around.
Farm animal noses and old MacDonalds song, each person making noises like the animal nose they were wearing, I was a frog... go figure.
Toilet paper unrolling races and much more, we had a single balloon tying animal competion practice.
Donald examined the balloons and taught us some of what the judges would be looking for, uniformity of legs, ears etc.
Who woulda thunk it!?


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