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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sweet course and the price was right! Free!
Aldarra is a top of the line private golf club here in our state. My friend Mike worked em for a sweet deal.
The weather was perfect even if the golf wasn't always, but there were those awesome moments of greatness!
The average score at Aldarra is 105.
I golfed today with a man from work named Daryl, and the Aldarra golf pro.
Daryl is a wild free swinger like me, man he can hit a golf ball a long way, his short game can use some work however. (Can't all of ours?)
I shot a 95, yes I spray the ball a bit too much, I haven't been playing as much golf the last several years. I used to play every week, did that for almost 7 years straight, but magic got me and now I don't have the same passion for golf that I used to...
It was however a special treat to play at Aldarra today. I had two birdies. One on a par four,hole number eight in this picture! and one on a par five. The greens were fast and true. I putted really well. It's my driver and my approach shots that get me into trouble, mostly the driver, although I bombed some really nice ones as I warmed up. I think the course was intimidating because of what we had heard and read. After lightening up on myself, I had a good run of holes near the end of the first nine, and into the back nine.

I got caught up in traffic on the way to my bible study after the round, I wasn't happy about being about 15 minutes late.
We have some new guys in the study that are really quite new to the bible. It has created some friction. Some of us older bible studiers need to have a little more humility about where we were and where we have grown from, and the new guys need to grow so they can fit in and understand where we are coming from at the same time.
I am the "leader" of our group of guys and I realized tonight that I need to beware of what I ask God for. I have been asking Him to teach me patience and I think He is smiling as I learn to deal with some really ignorant people as far as Christ is concerned. Not that I am the be all and end all of Christians or all that knowledgeable in scripture, just that it is funny to see myself in these men as I was 20 or so years ago as I began to learn to walk with Christ.
Great things are happening in our study, we are growing, not just in numbers, but in our knowledge. People are excited to be there and are enjoying the spiritual food.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A 95 on that course is pretty good. How many "Do Overs" did you use?

3:33 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Sadly I would have recorded a better score had I taken "Do overs" or Mulligans. We were paired in a threesome with the golf pro from Aldarra. Turns out I played little league with his cousins 40 years ago!
It was my magic putter and two birdies that kept me under a hundred!

2:01 AM  

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