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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fishing with my boy

Monday afternoon Eric and I took the boat out for the first time this year...
Alki beach and the Elliot Bay bubble fishery is open Friday-Monday.
So, rather than go to Redondo area, we fished the Elliot Bay fishery, with no luck whatsoever.
We had one "take down" on the down rigger but did not get a hook up.
We started about 4:30 and I decided to call it a night at about 7 pm.
It was getting rather nasty out with drizzle and the winds began to pick up. I wanted to beat the crowd and we did.
I find it interesting how some people think. While tying the boat down to the trailer in the staging area after fishing, a man came up to us, asked how we did, and then proceeded to tell us how great the fishing is with 27 fish caught out of 90 boats. WHAT!!!
I said to him, that's pathetic, think about it, if each boat averages two fishermen, and each fisherman is allowed four fish,(Two pinks and two kings or two silvers or one of each silver and king) that's 180 fishermen caught 27 fish, and their limit is 720 fish. He decided to argue my point by telling us that 20% of all those fishing don't know how to fish... Well, Ignorance is bliss I guess.
Pathetic is what is going on with our fishery.
I don't want to blame the indians, but the use of nets to snare any, and all fish is a big part of the problem. Us line fishermen have to release all native fish, and all fish to small. The Indians nets don't discriminate, they catch all those fish and release none.
I have some other reasons why the Indian fishery problem is a big cause of the lack of fish, but I may be wrong so I won't air it here, but it seems to me that to put a group of people in charge of the hatcheries, where the salmon fry are marked by cutting off the adipose fin, is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.
Us line fishermen must release all fish with the adipose fin still intact. Seems to me to be a simple matter of NOT cutting of many of the adipose fins, thereby marking those hatchery fish as if they are really native and must be released by fishermen, these released fish then can be taken in the tribes nets.
Boy, I'm glad I didn't air that!
Well, that was quite an unexpected rant, I guess I am getting tired of the idea that everyone is equal except...
It was enjoyable to be out on the water with our son, he is home for about two weeks and we will give it another go Wednesday, weather permitting!


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