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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More pics from Portland Magic Jam

This event was held in The portlander Hotel. It is in a weird location. Smack dab in the middle of industrial Portland, in fact, the hotel is in the middle of a truck stop. Nathan kranzo made an excellent joke about finally fulfilling a lifelong dream of raising his magical abilities to the point of working in a truck stop. Actually the Portlander was great place for the venue. Good food close at hand. Hot coffee and all the amenities.

Below is a picture of Steve Dobson leading a small jam session, this was the norm and differed greatly from the way World Magic Seminar and Las Vegas Live are operated.

This is the lecture area, David Regal is lecturing, although not in this picture...
This is a fantastic, young up and comer, Hart Keene leading another round table session, he has the most wonderful dribble pass I've ever seen... unbelievable, has to be seen to be believed, oh yeah, you cannot see it!
My friend and sometimes mentor... Aaron Fisher leading a session. This guy will mess up your mind!As you can see, the reason I LOVED the Portland Magic Jam is the intimacy of it. Like I said, Dan Waterman, and Greg Moreland deserve a ton of credit for putting on such a FANTASTIC event!
Nathan Kranzo, the man himself doing his thing in the Jerry Andruss room
If you are reading this, and a magician, you will not want to miss this event if it held again next year!
There were a lot of very talented magicians here, all willing to give of their time and talent, I'm not even talking about the four head liners.
Me, myself, and I... prforming the cups and balls for a small audience.


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