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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rubber band man...

Amazing what one can do with a couple of rubber bands...
Today after church, the family headed down to Seattle to hook up with Ryan and Miyoko for lunch.
We ate at an Indian restaurant, Miyoko's favorite!
As we were being seated Ryan noticed about 15-20 people still there from his church. One of the fellows was a young man I had met at the wedding the previous day. He had seen me perform some magic for several people and asked me if I had some cards with me, I didn't because they were in my jacket which I had left in the car, silly me...
But, I did mention that I had a couple of rubber bands, sneaky me...
I blew his mind with the crazy man's hand cuffs, not only his but people all around the table, reminded me of the first time I had witnessed this minor miracle in the hands of Michael Ammar, my chin hit the table, and my eyes bugged out of my head.
Of course I did it several more times, ending by doing it in his hands.
Wow! What a reaction!
I finished up my little impromptu set with the jumping Gems. It was wonderful as well!
Later in the evening, I drove Ryan back to Seattle as he is catching a five am flight and had some packing to do.
We ran by his friend Brandon's house. A little going away party was in progress for a friend named Jo Lynn... After a short introduction, and some heart felt words by several of the attendees towards Jo Lynn, I was getting ready to head to work when a young lady asked me to do some magic. She was one of the people that I had wowed earlier in the day at the Indian restaurant. I didn't recognize her but she must have been seated a ways away.
I warmed up with the crazy man's hand cuffs. There was a small group of young ladies, about five or six, the room was dimly lit. I performed the effect several times, ending of course by doing the trick in her hands, Ryan's friend Peter came over and said, "hey, let's shed some light on the situation, let's see you do it now!"
No problem... after that I did a three card trick medley consisting of the Biddle trick, done in Jo Lynn's hand, followed up that with the One Eyed Jack Sandwich, and began to move into the Paper clipped card trick finale, Jo Lynn was funny at this point, wanting me to slow down so she could digest what had just happened with the one eyed Jack sandwich. I must be doing something wrong with this trick as the day before I performed this same set for some people at the wedding, and one of the men, actually the very person I was doing the trick for, didn't get it. He said something like, "I must be stupid." Everyone else in the vicinity go tit. But anyway, As Dai Vernon would say, Confusion isn't magic, so I need to explore why I am not getting the results from this I expect.
But my oh my, the reaction from Paper clipped was OUTSTANDING!
Best reaction I think I ever got, at least verbally. Stunned silence is one thing, but sudden, spontaneous screaming is another level.
That is the reaction I got from all the young ladies that witnessed this miracle.
I especially enjoyed it because my son Ryan was standing about two feet away, watching his dad totally entertain and blow away his friends.
I think in the past, it has been a kind of, here goes my dad again feeling for him, but tonight, he got to see and feel something extraordinary!
Needless to say, i decided to end on that extremely high note!


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