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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Went fishing yesterday on the Puyallup River, Was saddened because Katie couldn't join me, she had her first day of high school for this year...
All the guys asked me about her. One man told me I was not bringing her because she out fishes me... wish it were so!
i hooked into a nice fish right away. I could tell it wasn't a Humpy as soon as it began peeling line from the reel. It made two really nice runs, then began a tug of war between me and the fish. I walked down stream a pace, the fish hunkered down, I knew now that I had a nice King salmon on the other end, they react differently than Humpy's or silvers.
Well, he all of a sudden was gone, now you see me now you don't... Bummer!
I caught three Humpy's in no time, but I couldn't shake the feeling of that big King, so every time I caught another Humpy, I released it. Four fish is the limit. It wasn't long though and I had a nice strike and this fish also ran well, but this one danced on the top of the water, a tell tail sign of a Silver Salmon, and lo and behold, it was, about four pounds.
He rounded out my day nicely!
Going out again today, although I shouldn't.
Bible study tonight and it is raining hard.
Maybe the rain will push some more Silvers and Kings up the river!


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