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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Going thru someone else's life...

Tonight I got a call from my friend Jose... He had some boxes for me that our friend Leslie left behind while he boarded a plane for India, his native land...
The boxes are full of many magical items from Leslie's time here as a magician, and teacher of magic.
Among the many things I found, were some personal letters and cards.
It was sad for me to go thru all of this stuff. Much of it I had to throw away.
But what is really sad to me is that my friend is probably getting divorced from his wife of many years and they have a one year old girl, their first child...
The baby has changed the dynamics of their home and relationship. Somehow it has caused a wedge between them. I do not know all the reasons for this, my thoughts are that Leslie is not made out for holding down a normal job. He is an artist. I never fully thought about that term before... Artist. Leslie is the first real artist I have had the pleasure to know. He is an amazing talent. Painting, magic, teaching and more. So much more.
I find it difficult to put into words how talented he is. I find it hard to understand how it is so hard for him to find steady work. Any high school in America, in fact in the world would be blessed to have him in their art department.
I think he is a few credits short of getting whatever degree necessary to be qualified to teach. It is really too bad because so many people are missing out on a true talent.


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