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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hands, Hands of Stone!?

I realize I have only been serious magically for six years... Man O Man... I have a lot to learn!
Friday I was able to get our gutters cleaned out, Bout time!
Mark Jensen came by the homestead and we enjoyed working on some Michael Weber magic. The more I learn, the less I realize I know!
It is always a pleasure spending time with Mark, he has a way of always uplifting me.
Saturday was an interesting day, I drained the hot tub and re filled it. I am looking forward to soaking up some heat!
I also finally got to our truck... it needed an oil change. Man that concrete is cold this time of year!
Finally I was able to head out! Where?
Some magicians from Portland that I met at the Portland Magic Jam were coming to Tacoma to spend time with the incomparable Steve Dobson.
I have known Steve for several years. Actually I don't know him at all... I have been in his magical presence a few times. I was so Green magically that all he taught and said at the time, went right over my head.
I was excited to spend time with him in his home.
Oh my!
He blew me away. What a great talent he is. I feel like I know nothing magical in his presence. Steve has been doing magic since he was a little shaver of about ten. He is "old school."
His hands when he performs magic are something to behold. My hands in comparison are stone!
My very first lesson in magic, my friend Steve Ameden told me, "soft hands." Tension kills, imagine squeezing a golf club to death and what tension that would do to your golf swing.
I got the point, yet it is an ongoing battle to relax and have soft hands. Training and practice... a never ending journey!
Steve Dobson mentioned that he practices four hours a day. Do I? Hardly... I flit around here and there. His practice is concentrated and methodical. Most of us find that boring, me included, and yet, that is the secret.
Vince Lombardi said, "perfect practice makes perfect."
Michael Ammar said, "practice makes permanent."
How true and how difficult it is to un train the bad moves we develop by not practicing perfectly. Patience is another word that comes to mind.
I have none. I want to be as good as a Steve Dobson with out the effort and work.
What an eye opener the evening was.
Also in attendance at this session was Brian Proctor from Portland.
I had not had the opportunity to see him preform, but someone told me they didn't think much of him magically. Well, I hate that, that makes you go into meeting someone with preconceived ideas.
Unfair to them, and yourself!
Brian's magic was awesome. He did some great fork bending and coin work. He was also very giving of himself, and has a great nature about him!
Others from Portland also were very accomplished magically!
One of Steve Dobson's students was there as well, Andy Vanornum. He has been into magic for a couple of years and under Steve's tutelage for that time. I have watched Andy grow exponentially! Wow!
Very nice stuff!
I am feeling like a hack! Maybe I am one!?
Several of us went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays in Tacoma, we played with cards and coins and talked magic.
John Villareal, AKA John the Magic guy joined us. I had built him a new table and stand for him, and he wanted to pick them up.
I was showing the guys a magic effect known as matrix. The particular matrix I was doing uses four quarters and four cards.
Not having a close up pad handy, it was difficult for me, I was hacking it up but the waitress really enjoyed it and was astonished!
She asked me to teach her how to do that. well, that's not going to happen, but I did do several more card effects for her and her co worker. Soon John joined in the fun, and now we included another couple as audience members...
My point is... that in magic circles... I am middle of the road, but performing for non magicians.. I rock!


Blogger John said...

That you do, my friend!! It was a blast. I wish I could do stuff like that more often. I really need to get out and play more....

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