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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gifts From Japan

Yesterday a large box arrived on our doorstep.
It was a package we had been expecting from our son Eric.
He had fore warned us it was coming.
As you can see he sent some beautiful Christmas gifts.
He spared no expense.
For Katie he sent her a very beautiful of two Kokeshi Dolls!
Also included for her is an interesting "stand" for them that has drawers and a place for them to be shown off!

Kokeshi dolls were first made in the Northern provinces of Japan, about 150 years ago. They were originally made as a toy for farm children. This simple wooden toy developed into a modern craft as the countryside developed culturally.
Having outgrown the status of being a toy for children, Kokeshi is now recognized as one of the traditional folk arts in Japan. They are hand made by skilled craftsmen entirely from wood-cutting, to painting. They have a simplicity and warmth that give them a special kind of beauty.
I received a fantastic Movado watch! This particular piece is a Movado Museum automatic wind watch. I have never owned a watch of this caliber. Simply elegant!
I have been wanting to get a really nice watch to wear when performing magic at stylish gigs. Now I have one.
For his mother, Eric sent a gorgeous chips & dip set that rests on a lazy Susan. Very Japanese!
Ryan's gift was only partially in the large box, his required separate packaging and shipping. We took Ryan to the airport this morning. He had to catch an 11:30 A.M flight back to Colorado, funny thing is, when we got back home, the post delivered a long slender package... yep, Ryan's gift! Two elegant Japanese swords! The stand had been packed in with all the rest of our gifts.
We will be most likely sending this on to Ryan in Colorado, but he may be driving here in the summer so that might be better.
Also included amongst the magical gift box from Eric in Japan... A hundred dollar gift card to a restaurant called Morton's, The Steakhouse!
That, along with an earlier gift card from El Gaucho's from my wife, means Joan and I will be enjoying a couple of very nice nights out on the town in 2010!
Eric is a Marine as you know. He also sent a really cool memento commemorating the battle of Iwo Jima.
The sand on this memento is from the Island of Iwo Jima!
I am not used to receiving gifts like this. I am used to being the giver of such, Eric has really humbled me.
Merry Christmas Eric, Thank you.
We love you!
Semper Fi!


Blogger markjens said...

Dude, where's the watch?

11:10 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

The Watch is on my wrist!
I took two pictures of the watch, neither one turned out worth a darn... so no pic...

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

11:26 PM  

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