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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Seems everyone is always looking to the Next Year. I really enjoyed 2009.
I enjoyed good health, time with family and friends, great magic!
Went to my first World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas last March, spent time in Portland at the inaugural Portland Magic Jam. Took 3rd place in the stand up parlor competition, my first ever entry into competition!
My clown alley, Bigfoot Clown alley is growing leaps and bounds.
We hosted the Northwest Festival of Clowns in Olympia. I also entered a competition at this event, earning a silver medal.
Eric came home for a few weeks, Ryan was here as well.
My magic grew this year as I am becoming more relaxed and natural as an entertainer. My wife is doing well and Katie too. She has a drivers license now... look out world! :)
Katie and I spent time fishing the Puyallup river and that was a nice learning experience as well. We caught lots of Pink Salmon and smoked them up. They taste great, just sent some to Colorado as Ryan is sitting on a Southwest airlines plane as I type!
Joan and I travelled to Hawaii for the first time and enjoyed the white beaches!
Looking forward to 2010 as well.
Will be starting off the New Year with a new promotional DVD to send to prospective clients and who knows what will happen.
So all in all, for me it was a great year!
So what about 2010?
What plans and goals?
More and better magic, absolutely!
More travel? Absolutely!
More time with friends and family? You Bet!
A closer walk with God? Let's hope so!
Healing and repairing some old wounds? Sounds good!
Making new friends? Yes sir!
Solidifying old friendships? Now that is a for sure!
Touching lives, shaking hands, creating laughter, sharing love!!! Yes!
Happy New year!


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