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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Video Weekend

It is after 7 am, Saturday..
Couldn't sleep last night, a combination of things..
Working 3rd shift and trying to turn it around for the weekend, tried to stay up all day Friday, instead, I fell asleep on the couch a couple of times, an hour here,an hour there... Got magic and video on my mind...
Shooting close up video today in our home, later, at 7 pm... a show in Kent.
I'm not nervous, just all kinds of thoughts keeping my mind occupied.
Ryan arrived Thursday as well. That is wonderful!
I haven't been blogging much lately, magic on the mind, keeping me busy... recently got several "comments" here that were negative and anonymous to say the least.
Have been pondering what I truly want to put on this blog? More thoughts of an in depth nature? Or is it fine just mostly writing surface stuff?
Who is reading it anyway? The faithful 3 and 1/2 ? Lol..
Going to put some coffee on in a minute, shower, and get the day rolling... Tomorrow will be an all day magic shoot here at the homestead as well. We have invited many people over to be "audience" members... I am catering the day with Lasagna and Caesar salad, it is funny that I met a couple of magicians at Pike Place Market two weeks ago, and they own a catering business... I was planning on buying pizza for t he day, but it dawned on me that I would rather support them!
Monday will include three shows at a local Junior High School, in their drama dept. All of this will be videod as well.
Trying to put together a nice promo DVD.
Christmas is almost upon us, Thinking about life and Eric and so on...
Daughter is driving now, Ryan may soon be nmarried..
Lots of thoughts....
Life is fragile and short...
Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will always be those who want to give negative feed back, anonymously. Think nothing of it...press forward, beliving in yourself. Remember how good it feels to teach a new magician a trick and to succeed in learning one yourself. The most important thing in life is to be your own best friend...

5:47 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Thank you!
You are absolutely right.
Some will, some won't, so what!

11:30 PM  

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