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Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Much Time

do I spend a day on magic???
I was recently asked that question by a clown alley member... they all think I have great chops... maybe.... but I think I have a loooooong way to go!
I replied after thinking for a moment, about three hours. Well, maybe, maybe not...
It all depends on what one means by working on magic. Does it mean the actual, physical handling of magic props? Shuffling cards, practicing sleights, practicing your material? Or does it also include measuring & cutting fabric to make a back drop for a photo shoot to be made into a promotional video? Or does it also include reading a book on magic, studying a dvd of magic performance on how to enhance your shows?
May it include some phone conversation with a magic friend or mentor???
Lately my mind has been on magic seemingly 24/7.
Getting ready for an upcoming weekend of magic, a show Saturday night, Sunday will be hours of video and rehearsal in my home with live and staged audiences. Monday the following day I will be doing three performances for a Junior High Schools drama dept. This to will all be video footage.
Spending time talking and planning with the project producer and more...
How much time do I spend a day on magic?


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