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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Blatant Liberalism!

I went to watch the movie "Avatar" yesterday.
I went with an open mind. I wanted to really enjoy the movie, I tried to let "my Hair: down and enjoy the awesome computer effects that are capable with today's technology.
The movie was fantastic in many ways. The graphics were really good.
A nice, action packed movie.
I used to love Science fiction books, and belonged to the Science Fiction book club for many years.
I was offended by the blatant liberal slant though.
The often used swearing of "god damn" and the "green" theme. The over used bashing of the so called "right" as depicted by the people trying to mine the resources of the planet Pandora. The female goddess structure too. The evil corporation of course is the English speaking Americans, always taking without giving anything in return.
We have already destroyed our own "mother" Earth, and now will destroy the goddess on Pandora. All hail the female goddess of Pandora!
I find it insulting that it is o.k. to bash the "God" of Christianity in everything, but how dare you say anything derogatory about anyone or anything else.
Men are stupid, ignorant creatures, and lesser beings in Pandora... got to be protected by the woman folk....
Being reborn on Pandora is capable too... just bow down, pray and submit yourself to the all encompassing female goddess of Pandora.
Wow, for those of you that watched this movie, did you notice the meshing of all religions?
Mother Earth, Born again, New age, all things are one...
Our sixteen year old daughter didn't notice any of this, she and I am sure the many children of her age, have no idea of the brain washing going on...
It reminded me of watching an old cowboy's and Indian's movie when I was a child, oops, did I say Indians?
I'm sorry, I meant Native Americans...
Oh my... I'm so sorry to anyone reading this, I'm not allowed to be offended... I'm a white, Christian, and male...
Too bad, ,the movie was really fun in many ways!


Blogger markjens said...

Tim, though I've not seen the movie, your blog isn't the first time that I've read of the liberal agenda at work here. As you noted, there is real danger in our youth only feeling entertained while they are given almost subliminal messages and agendas. I shouldn't be surprised at this, Hollywood's agenda for years has been to make the Christian man a right winged boob, hardly capable of intelligent thought while 'their' notion of what is wrong and right with the world is presented in technicolor, stereo and Dolby sound. It is hard to believe that in just my own viewing lifetime, the American father has gone from a guy who has all the answers and teaches his family the value in personal integrity and hard work, to our current raft of idiot males (I'll not call them fathers) like Al Bundy and the like. We call this sensitivity - when should we begin calling it what it really is?!?!?

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