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Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's Blue!

We have been shopping for a 1st car for Katie...
she initially was interested in Jeep. We tried several times to dissuade her and get her looking at cars. Toyota's, Honda's etc. She had no interest in any cars... she was only interested in trucks and jeeps... something about the "look." I guess.
I showed her the 1998 VW Jetta. She said, "I like the look of that."
So, now I had a car she might be interested in...
Craigslist, here we come.
Research, and many hours of phone calls and emails. Sifting thru the many Craigslist ads. Deciphering the meaning of what people write in their ads.
We got lucky (I hope) and only physically looked at two cars.
We purchased a 1999 Jetta with 92000 miles on it.
The previous owner was a young man from China going to college here in Seattle. He washed his car weekly. Changed the oil every three thousand miles. He loved his car.
The man washed the car and had it ready for us in his garage.
too bad it was pouring rain to drive it home.
Joan and I had had only told Katie that we were going to go look at "another" Jetta. We had looked at and arranged to purchase this car the day before. We invited Katie to come look at it, not telling her "it was the one!"
We wanted to have it be a surprise. She declined coming, so Joan and I went and picked it up, drove it home and then surprised her by telling her to get a gallon of milk from the garage. (we have a refrigerator in the garage)
I video taped her going into the garage, it is really funny! She couldn't stop giggling! A precious moment in her life!

Now it is Katie's car!


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